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Who are we looking for?

  • Young people aged 16 - 18 years old


  • Who have shown an spark of passion and interest for mountain adventure, hiking, climbing or mountaineering​


  • They would benefit from this experience and use it to further their own adventures in the future

  • Their circumstances are such that they would struggle to access the mountains or the outdoors themselves, for example:​​​​​​​​

  • They qualify as a pupil premium student facing financial barriers to adventure

  • ​​They are in an underrepresented group who may not have equal opportunities to explore the mountains​​

  • They are in a domestic situation which does not afford them financial and family support to have these experiences

What do we provide?

  • We run 7-day programmes of expert instruction in climbing, mountain adventure and skill building in the Highlands of Scotland​

  • Each programme takes small groups of 8-10 passionate young people into the mountains


  • Our programmes are fully funded including travel, food and accommodation ​


  • We provide leadership from highly qualified British Mountain Guides and Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructors

  • Our expert guides will teach the skills, knowledge and self-reliance required to build confidence in participants so that they can achieve their goals

  • Evening classroom sessions to cement skills and opportunity for reflection

  • Inspirational lectures and talks from ambassadors and adventurers​


  • The programme creates community and connection and enables participants to learn more about the natural world

What happens after the programme?

Ongoing support for the alumni of our Mountain Adventure Programme is an essential part of what we do. 

  • We offer a secure online community which includes training, forums and a direct contact point with experts. This is exclusively for those who have attended our programmes

  • We offer a yearly bursary which is available to any alumni who is interested in a career in the outdoors, this bursary can be put towards training and qualifications

Can I apply without a nomintaion?

Yes, you can absolutely fill in an application form without a nomination. We will just need a reference which we will ask for by email. So when you are applying, try to find a person in your life who knows how passionate you are about the outdoors who can support you application. This should be a teacher, youth leader or coach, unfortunately we cannot accept references from family or friends. 

Are there any deadlines?

  • All nominations must be made by the 1st June 2023

  • All applications from young people must be sent by the deadline of the 10th July 2023

  • We confirm which applicants have secured a place by the 31st of  July 2023​

If you have any further questions please email:


We are here to help young people access the mountains.
Do you know a young person who would benefit? 

We are a charity who specialise in providing mountain adventure programmes for young people aged 16 - 18 who have a passion for adventure, climbing or mountaineering, but they are facing barriers to accessing the mountains.


Step 1 - Nomination

If you are a teacher, youth leader, coach or you work with young people and you know a young person who may benefit from what we do, you can nominate them by completing the form below.


Step 2 - Application

Once we receive a nomination, we reach out to the nominee and ask them to complete an application form. 


Step 3 - Selection

Once the deadline for applications closes, we process all applications and a final 10 applicants are chosen to attend our Mountain Adventure Programme!

Nominations for 2023 open on the 1st January​

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