Climbers moving through snow filled valley between mountains

Our Trustees

The Martin Moran Foundation was established by the Moran family to honour the life and legacy of celebrated mountain guide and explorer Martin Moran.


We understand the positive impact that mountain adventure can have on all areas of our lives and we are passionate about creating opportunities for young people, who otherwise would not have access to wild spaces and expert instruction.

Joy Moran

Married to Martin for 43 years. A life full of adventure.

Climb Mountains, Eat, Sleep and Repeat, in that order!

Dedicated to continuing Martin's legacy.


Ian Dring

Long-time climbing partner of Martin, mountaineer and fundraiser.

Motivated to give young people access to the mountains and an appreciation for the natural world.

Head of Fundraising

Hazel Moran

Daughter of Martin, web designer, small business consultant and adventure seeker.

Passionate about creating connection and community through the power of adventure in wild places.

Director of Communications

Richard Moran

Brother of Martin, photographer, accountant and nature lover.

Passionate about walking, wildlife and the environment and the positive impact it can have on our lives.


Alex Moran

Son of Martin, mountain instructor, geography teacher and athlete.

Motivated to inspire the next generation of adventurers and mountaineers.

Director of Operations & Lead Instructor

Richard Talbot

Friend and supporter of Martin, mountaineer and athlete.  

Passionate advocate for the protection, enhancement and rewilding of our mountainous environments.

Sponsor Representative & Advisor

Our Sponsors

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We are proud to be supported by Mountain Equipment who share our passion for making the mountains accessible to more people. Their team of equipment experts will provide our participants with the all clothing and gear they require to take part in the Foundations programme. These items will then be gifted to participants so they can continue their passion for adventure long after their time with us; this is a vital part of our mission.


Thank you, Mountain Equipment!

We are also proud to be supported by...

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Our Patron | Nick Crane

Nick is an award-winning author and broadcaster whose books include Clear Waters Rising, Two Degrees West, Mercator, The Making of the British Landscape, Why Geography Matters and Latitude.

On TV,  he is best known as the BBC presenter of BAFTA winning series Coast, Map Man, Great British Journeys, Britannia and Town.

Nick has travelled in all seven of the world’s continents and amongst his most notable adventures, he identified and visited, for the first time, the Pole of Inaccessibility and more recently completed a 10,000 kilometre solo walk along Europe’s mountain ranges. Nick also served three-years as President of the Royal Geographical Society.


‘Martin was the ultimate Mountain Man, the expert companion who took me to places I could never reach alone. I’m delighted to support the MMF in bringing the wonder of mountains to a new generation’

- Nick Crane 2021