Our Patron

Nick Crane

Nick is an award-winning author and broadcaster whose books include Clear Waters Rising, Two Degrees West, Mercator, The Making of the British Landscape, Why Geography Matters and Latitude.

On TV,  he is best known as the BBC presenter of BAFTA winning series Coast, Map Man, Great British Journeys, Britannia and Town.

Nick has travelled in all seven of the world’s continents and amongst his most notable adventures, he identified and visited, for the first time, the Pole of Inaccessibility and more recently completed a 10,000 kilometre solo walk along Europe’s mountain ranges. Nick also served three-years as President of the Royal Geographical Society.


‘Martin was the ultimate Mountain Man, the expert companion who took me to places I could never reach alone. I’m delighted to support the MMF in bringing the wonder of mountains to a new generation’

- Nick Crane 2021


Our Ambassadors

Adele Pennington

Adele is a gifted mountaineer, mountain instructor and speaker. She holds many amazing accolades in the mountains including the first British female winter ascent of Ama Dablam (6386m) in the Himalaya and the first British woman to have climbed Mount Everest twice; she also holds the British female record for climbing six of the fourteen 8000m peaks! Adele now lives in the North West of Scotland running her own company, Adele Pennington Mountaineering.

"My passion for the mountains started in the early eighties whilst studying at York University. As a member of Scarborough and district Mountain Rescue team I met Mick who introduced me to the delights of Scottish Mountaineering. This was quickly followed by visits the Alps and further afield. It was Martins book “Scotland Winter Mountains “ that became my bible. Religiously reading it form cover to cover, I became more inquisitive and climbing in Scotland became an obsession. Following Martin's progress was inspirational and it was such a privilege to work with him in 2016 on the Vishnu Fortress Expedition where we made a first ascent of a beautiful peak.
Being asked to be an ambassador for the Martin Moran Foundation is an honour and there is no better feeling than facilitating in the development of a young persons passion for the hills."

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Tom Livingstone

Tom is a 30-year-old alpinist and acclaimed outdoor writer based in North Wales. He passionate about getting more young people into the mountains and founded The Young Alpinist Group, an organisation that works to advance the next generation of young alpinists.

"Martin’s enthusiasm for - and experience within - the mountains is famous. With a passionate energy, he climbed around the world for decades. Equally celebrated is Martin’s spirit for introducing others to this magical world. This charity aims to inspire and elevate young people to discover the riches of climbing, and remove barriers to access - missions I completely support. These initiatives are the best ways to get into climbing and I’m happy to be involved."

Nigel Vardy FRGS 

Nigel is an accomplished mountaineer, author and motivational speaker and a dear friend/climbing partner to Martin, here's Nigel's story in his own words:

"I first met Martin in the late 1990’s and vividly remember driving over Spean Bridge in a driving blizzard on my way to Lochcarron. We enjoyed a wonderful week climbing together around Torridon and his love and passion for the mountains was boundless. We traversed Liathach in full Alpine conditions and I still rate it as one of my best winter mountain days.

I then suffered a severe accident in North America and lost my fingers and toes to Frostbite. As soon as I could walk again, I contacted Martin for help and guidance. Alongside his guides, he was soon helping me adapt to my new body on both Scottish and Alpine routes. We climbed last together in 2017, crossing the Cuillin Ridge in two days under beautiful sunny skies. We joked that my toeless feet required B3 mountain boots and he had a bus pass. What a pair!

I owe more than I can say, through his patience, guidance and help I have returned to the words great ranges and climbed harder than ever. I have since become President of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, a core presenter at the Kendal Mountain Festival and work as an Ambassador for the Mountain Heritage Trust.

His loss was deeply felt by many people, but with the creation of the Martin Moran Foundation his spirit lives on."


Hannah Burrows-Smith

Hannah is accomplished mountaineer and skier and International British Mountain Guide. She has spent her life in the mountains between Chamonix and the Scottish Highlands and is an inspirational leader, passionate about sharing her craft.

"Since my late teens I have been winter climbing, rock-climbing and ski-touring and have come to depend on these adventures for the basis of my life. This became apparent through the recent lock-downs where access to mountains and remote spaces highlighted how valuable this experience was to my well-being.

By my mid 20s I was working as a mountaineering instructor, sharing my passion for mountains with people from all backgrounds. Martin encouraged me to work in the fantastic mountain environments of the north-west Highlands of Scotland which was a great foundation for learning the skills of guiding in these adventurous places. This support continued as I went on to become an International Mountain Guide where Martin’s enthusiasm had me working on many memorable alpine routes, learning and perfecting my craft as a guide.

I am delighted to be an ambassador for the Martin Moran Foundation and to be part of a venture that encourages young folk who have discovered a passion for mountains to have the valuable training and support to get them on the right path of understanding how mountains work."

Uisdean Hawthorn

Uisdean is a Scottish climber and talented mountain photographer who grew up in the remote North-West Highlands. By the time he was in his late teens, he was at a high standard in trad, winter and alpine climbing in mountain ranges around the world; including first ascents in the Himalaya, Alaska, Canada and Scotland. Uisdean documents his adventures through his photography and really captures the spirit of mountain adventure in his subjects.

"The mountains bring me focus in a way nothing else in life can, I'd be a very different person without them. Martin's climbing always inspired me to go and have a real adventure. When repeating his winter climbs in Scotland I'd often find myself wondering just how wild it would have been to be questing up here on the first ascent. My first trip to the Himalayas in northern India was partly because of Martin's exploration in the area and his vivid descriptions of endless adventures still to be had there. It's amazing to see opportunities being offered to those who have a barrier between them and the mountains."

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Stephen Venables

Stephen Venables

Stephen is a revered mountaineer, writer, broadcaster and public speaker and friend of Martin. He was the first Briton to climb Everest without  supplementary oxygen reaching the summit alone in 1988. Stephen's adventures have taken him across the world and most notably many first ascents of previously unknown mountains in the Himalaya. 


"Martin was one of the best climbers around, but it was as a guide that he really shone, introducing countless people to the magic and beauty of wild mountain country.  While some guides take the easy option, sticking to familiar trade routes, Martin remained an explorer to the end, always seeking out hidden corners, taking clients into the unknown on real adventures.   His energy and enthusiasm – and his formidable skills – were an inspiration. I wish the Foundation every success in keeping that inspiration alive"

John Cousins

John Cousins is a mountaineer and Mountain Guide and the Chief Executive of Mountain Training UK and Ireland. John has spent a lifetime working to help train future generations of leaders, instructors and guides while searching out adventures in wild places with friends and my young family.


"I first met Martin in the Alps while he was completing his 4,000m peaks challenge and our paths crossed regularly thereafter around Evolene and the Pennine Alps and in the Northwest  of Scotland. I also worked with him within the BMG when he was Treasurer of that organisation and at subsequent Guides’ get togethers. I am delighted to be part of continuing his legacy and inspiring more young people to access the mountains"